Chicken in Wine Sauce and some kinda 'tatoes

So last night we tried another Paula Deen recipe. The Chicken in the Wine sauce was decidedly...saucy. Alex felt as though it was too richly infused with wine; I felt it would have been fine without as much salt. Eitherway, we will be altering the recipe in the future to cut the sodium and the wine at LEAST in half!

We also tried this yummy potatoe recipe...A boursin potatoe? It was on the other end of the spectrum; a little too sweet for my taste. In the future I'm going to double the amount of boursin cheese so that it has a little more body. Also,
I might cook it for a few more minutes, so instead of soft potatoes we have something with a nice crunch.

Tonight we ate with Momma, Gar, and Milli. Mom and Gar made barbeque chicken and spare ribs, which Alex loves, and Mom, Milli, and I made a yummy yellow cake.

Tomorrow we haven't decided on anything yet, but I'd love to make either a soup or a fish's hoping that Alex is feeling frisky!

Chicken Bog

The wedding went wonderfully, the honeymoon was relaxing and fun. Everyone who I ever wanted there WAS there (except for Lord Byron). It was perfect. I'll post more later, when all of the pictures are ready.

Last night we cooked our first married-couple meal. It was a Paula Deen recipe -- Chicken Bog.It was too spicy for me. But it had no vegetables, it had sausage and chicken so Alex obviously loved it. We didn't have the spices it called for (I think fixing a recipe so it uses your own spices: " The Lady's House Spice" and "The Lady's Seasoned Salt" is kind of a cheap trick.) Instead, we used Landry's Seasoned Salt.

Tonight we will be cooking Chicken in Wine Sauce. I'm still trying to talk Alex into trying the Chicken and Asparagus bake or the Duxelles-Stuffed Tenderloin.

Two days and counting...

In two days Alex and I will tie the knot! We have all the paperwork signed and present; almost everyone is coming in tomorrow for the rehersal; everything is running rather well.

Why am I so nervous? Is this normal for a bride? I think it's rather silly. We've been dating for 3 and a half years, been living together for 1 and a half years...What's there to be nervous of?

I guess it's cause when it's just me and Alex, he doesn't really care if I trip or fall on my face. He doesn't call me stupid or laugh at me; he thinks its cute.

We're still waiting for the cake topper and the last table number to come in. If they aren't in tomorrow I don't know what to do. Everyone will be here, and not over at their house to check the mail.

We left one of the bridesmaids' robes at home. Bianca understood, but I still feel like crap.

I still have to go to the beach and get sand. Finish the baskets. Wrap the grooms gift and the groomsmens gifts....AND print seating arrangments and name cards. Although I'm considering just doing the seating arrangments and letting people at the table decide who they sit next to.

I just can't wait to be done and have the pictures and get this out of the way! Although I will miss seeing all of my peeps....

I need Alex's love!

Been awhile!

So, it's been awhile, but I shall jump right back in!

It's February 17? Really? In less than a month I'll be getting married! Alex and I have all of our plans together; we just have to make the payments, recieve all of our final orders, and pack for the beach!

We will be getting married in Destin at the Emerald Grande Hotel. It's so exciting! We will be having our ceremony at Noon on the Captains Deck. Now, I know what you're thinking....A wedding, at Noon, on the beach? However, we needed to have a noon wedding for all of my pictures and pictures -to- be to work out. I am very desperate for all of these pictures to work out.

Our florist will be Florals By The Sea, run by the sweetest little lady this side of the Mississippi. Ms. LaCourse has worked with us diligently to come up with beautiful and affordable florals for the wedding -- I can't wait to tip-tap down the aisle with a fistful of flowers!

My very favorite photographer, Terri Smith, will be doing our Photography. I am completely confident in her skill, and cannot WAIT! She actually helped me with half of my grooms gift for Alex -- a set of pin up photos. I love them, and I'm sure he will, too! We ordered some awesome props for our photos from thebackporchshoppe at Etsy. There is a Giant Ampersand, a "Mr" and "Mrs" sign (with "Thank" and "You" painted across the back) and another giant block sign that says "Just Married". I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!

The other half of Alex's grooms gift will be a set of cufflinks with his initials, made from typewriter keys. Even if he doesn't have alot of occasions to wear them, I'm sure that he will love them!

We are having a 3 tier cake made by Creative Celebrations. Chocolate Cake, Italian Rum, Yellow Cake, Red Velvet, and Carrot Cake! With Lemon Poppy Seed cupcakes as favors! We're having two seperate cake toppers -- The letter "M" on the top, and two little cake toppers designed like us! They are so cute! Ms. Nuudee made them for us. (If you look closely, you'll see the monogram cufflinks on tiny little Alex!)

Instead of using a regular guest book, we're going to make little postcards instructing our guests to give us advice on love on one side, and their address on the other!

What I really need to get on the ball and do is...Make our Wall of Memories! I'd like for all of our families and friends to bring pictures of them and their significant others (Mom and Gar, Nana and Papa, so on and such forth...) and hang them from a black ribbon with teal cardstock on the back of the pictures. We'll hang that around the "guest book" area!

What I really wanna figure out is if we want to do an interactive photo area, and if so, what we want to do.

Everything will work out! Hopefully We can breathe and enjoy it!

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Now it feels like home

I finally feel like I belong at Victoria's Secret. You don't really work there full time until you have at least two stalkers.

...Sadness. This is the first post in a long time. And this was it? Oh well. Maybe next time <3


Ever since the scare on Friday Tallahassee has pretty much been without gas. It's scary, especially after having read Alas, Babylon. But gas is slowly creeping back into town, or so I hear -- I hear the Flying J out by the interstate has gas for 4.50. I saw a big truck pumping gas into a gas station's tank and there were already lines backing up.
Kingdom Hearts

Home Again!

And with pictures! The wedding was lovely (did I already mention that?). I really enjoyed getting to see all of my friends and family, and meeting and making new friends! I was worried we wouldn't get any good pictures, but Rachel's momma, Ms. Annette, and B's friend Momo really took the cake. They look exactly professional! It was too sad, leaving. Nothing will ever be the same. No more months just lazing around B's house in my pajamas, reading as many books as I can. No more wondering if mice can melt, or 'sneaking' out in the middle of the night just to go sit on the merry-go-round. But as much as things are changing, things are getting better. Texas may never be the same, but now North Carolina and Alaska lay open before me! And family is family, no matter what happens. I'm already planning a return trip next year for Lexi's graduations.

And, because I don't know how to do a cut, and because I don't have the pictures on this computer, I can promise them to you later!


Bianca's Wedding

The wedding was beautiful! It was hectic, and unfortunately my camera was MIA, but it was soooooo fun! It was the perfect setting for the wedding, and everyone who showed up was cheerful and sweet tempered. I don't think anyone cried as hard as I did, and I know that I saw a sparkle of a tear in Mr. Paul's eye.

When I get the pictures from other peaople I'll post ::sob:: I'm off to rexplore Hondo!


So, I'm sitting in the airport in Atlanta. It's grey outside, and drizzling off and on, but not raining outright or pitchblack. The plane will probably start loading in maybe 30 to 40 minutes. I've been sitting here for, I don't know, maybe an hour and a half? Eitherway, I totally can't wait to touch down in Texas and be done with it.

It's been a while, but I'm posting for a good reason. Bianca's getting married! Her wedding is on Friday. Alex and I've been running around like chickens with our heads chopped off, trying to get everything before today. I know that it's hardly relaxing to prepare for a wedding, but I'm sure that it will be a ton more relaxing than making last minute appointments. And, hopefully, no humidity!

I'm going to keep you posted on the goings-on when I touch down. Probably once a day? Either way, I'll totaly post pictures.

Here, have some guitar hero.

Ode (ENG3310)

Samantha Clackum
ENG 3310

On Moving

The sky is a tired, yawning thing. It stretches from one end of my world to the next, pulling it’s nighttime clothes close ( a swirl of dreamy orange and purple, dusky against the rims of my eyes.). Softly, the mist swirls out from the pond, covering my prone body, alive with joy and inviting me to play. The sigh that escapes my lips is as tired as the sky, melting into the still quiet air. I pull myself to my feet.
The trail back to my house from the cow pond is fret with unimaginable dangers -- the wrong step will send me sprawling across the dusty floor of the world, falling into the abundant cactus or the only-slightly-less-abundant snake. I despise snakes, so my steps are carefully planned and executed. I have no time to admire the dying throes of the sun as it fades out of being; the glare is only a headache when my head is bowed at this angle.
A small choke of some unnamed plant laces itself delicately around the rusted barbwire fence. I try not to jostle it as I move between the lowest two rows of the biting teeth, the dry scent of the earth clinging to my legs and arms.

None of my belongings will fit into these boxes. The corners are clumsy, the bottoms of the boxes soggy from an unexpected rain. I loathe to stuff my life into those dank cells, to trap them with tape. Mom reassures me, reassures us all, that the 15 hour drive will be shorter than we can imagine. The books, the blankets, the toys that I love only have to endure a short sentence before they can be released back into my arms. We’ll never move again, she promises softly, smiling. The last box that I pack is a jumbled heap of things, a modern day Picasso with my name signed in black sharpie.

Although I can’t afford to sleep ( I need to judge my new home, to take in the width of it) I find myself nodding off. I swear vehemently that I will not step foot on any soil that is not meant to be my new home, unless we are to turn back. Daddy laughs melodically at me -- there is no turning back, now. I watch the world melt into itself, something like those spinning plates they allow you to paint at the carnival. It’s not very fun. I haven’t peed since we left the house, and tummy is beginning to ache.

Nana rushes out to meet us the minute we pull into her yard. As I disembark from the moving van, I can’t help feeling like an astronaut leaping to the moon turf. The air is heavy with some sticky something…the grass is green and lush. A film of beaded water clings to it’s leafy foliage and rubs uncomfortably against my legs. I hate this new, heavy, itchy, green world. My family is all around me, and neighbors too, laughing and hugging. Don’t they see what a horrible place this is? Can’t they feel the change of the very air? The sun is reaching it’s breaking point, and all of it’s rays fall straight through me. I bake in the heat; I hate everyone in this moment.

After dinner Nana takes my hand and leads me to the porch. She answers my parents questioning glances with an enigmatic, firm smile and they decide to stay in the kitchen and clean up. We sit on her creaky, splintering porch swing, my feet dangling useless several inches above the floor. Her legs pump a steady tempo, and the swing moves at her command, like a good soldier following the orders of his officer. She lifts her strong, old arm and points towards the end of the earth; a boundary hidden somewhere beyond a cow pasture. The sun is just dipping sleepily below an old, wise oak tree. The voice of the porch swing as we move to and fro is enticing; I almost want it to lull me into some softer mood. I harden my heart against the gentle thing beating inside of me.

“This is the same sunset that you saw last night, and the night before that.”

She brings her arm down, capturing my hand within her own. The gentle, beating warmth in my chest swells.

“But now you have someone to share it with.”